J.D.A. Custom Homes, Inc. is a proponent of the 3D Me face shields! Our superintendents wear them daily on the jobsite and they are a fantastic layer of added protection to keep our employees safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. The face shields are made of high quality materials and stand up to the wear and tear experienced on a construction site.

Jordan Rice - J.D.A. Custom Homes, Inc.

I work as a health coach (Fierce After 45), and I also volunteer with the Virginia Medical Reserve Corps tosupport community COVID-19 testing events. Masks are essential, but face shields take protection to thenext level, since the virus can also enter the eyes. The volunteers get disposable face shields, but I preferto wear my great shield from 3D Protect Me. It’s medical-grade so I know I’m protected. I also wear itout in public, and I’ve purchased extra face shields for friends, family, and even my dentist. Withcomfortable, transparent face shields like these, we can do more things safely and continue bringingback businesses and jobs. I recommend them highly!

Patricia Linderman, Falls Church VA

“I have used 3D Me twice for summer camp workshops and the kids love 3D printing! The students learned skills and tools that advanced their current knowledge of 3D printing and scanning. 3D Me is always a pleasure to work with!”

Danielle Blunt Craddock - Founder/Director of GIRLS
Inc Girls Inspired to Lead

“Working with It’s 3D Me and Bruce has been an amazing experience. Bruce is a driven leader in his industry with innovative ideas and is always willing to go the extra mile. The technology and utilization of It’s 3D Me is incredible and the brains behind the operation make it that much better. It has been a pleasure working with such a passionate business owner.”

John Nguyen - Founder of Open Design

“Shout out to Bruce Wyman & 3D Protect Me for the face shield. This is the pro line. It would work in hospitals due to the fact that it’s so easy to disinfect...no foam, just hard surfaces to wipe down, yet super comfortable. I wore it all last week during camps and in the workshop to"

David Lee Reynolds, Jr - Advantage Design Solutions & Vienna Jammers

"Doubling down on guest and staff safety. All having external direct contact will, along with their masks, wear these face shields, graciously and skillfully 3D printed for us by Vienna (Church Street) based 3D Protect Me. Incredible work and tons of virtual hugs  from my entire team to owner Bruce Wyman. Please reach out to them if you are in need of shields"

Jonathan Krinn - restaurant Clarity in Vienna